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Basic Information

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Workflows is a service that helps you automate tasks that involve multiple steps across Google Cloud services and other web-based services. Think of it as a way to set up a sequence of actions that run on their own once triggered. You can design these sequences, called workflows, to do things like process data, handle software deployments, or manage cloud resources without having to manually oversee each step.


Related to encryption, by default the Google-managed encryption key is used but it's possible to make it use a key of by customers.


You can also check the output of previous executions to look for sensitive information

# List Workflows
gcloud workflows list

# Get info and yaml of an specific workflow
gcloud workflows describe <workflow-name>

# List executions
gcloud workflows executions list workflow-1

# Get execution info and output
gcloud workflows executions describe projects/<proj-number>/locations/<location>/workflows/<workflow-name>/executions/<execution-id>

Privesc and Post Exploitation

GCP - Workflows Privesc
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