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Basic Information

DigitalOcean Container Registry is a service provided by DigitalOcean that allows you to store and manage Docker images. It is a private registry, which means that the images that you store in it are only accessible to you and users that you grant access to. This allows you to securely store and manage your Docker images, and use them to deploy containers on DigitalOcean or any other environment that supports Docker.

When creating a Container Registry it's possible to create a secret with pull images access (read) over it in all the namespaces of Kubernetes clusters.


# Using doctl
doctl registry login

# Using docker (You need an API token, use it as username and as password)
docker login
Username: <paste-api-token>
Password: <paste-api-token>


# Get creds to access the registry from the API
doctl registry docker-config

# List
doctl registry repository list-v2
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