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Cloudflare Zero Trust Network

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In a Cloudflare Zero Trust Network account there are some settings and services that can be configured. In this page we are going to analyze the security related settings of each section:


  • Useful to get to know the environment


  • In Policies it's possible to generate policies to restrict by DNS, network or HTTP request who can access applications.
    • If used, policies could be created to restrict the access to malicious sites.
    • This is only relevant if a gateway is being used, if not, there is no reason to create defensive policies.



On each application:
  • Check who can access to the application in the Policies and check that only the users that need access to the application can access.
    • To allow access Access Groups are going to be used (and additional rules can be set also)
  • Check the available identity providers and make sure they aren't too open
  • In Settings:
    • Check CORS isn't enabled (if it's enabled, check it's secure and it isn't allowing everything)
    • Cookies should have Strict Same-Site attribute, HTTP Only and binding cookie should be enabled if the application is HTTP.
    • Consider enabling also Browser rendering for better protection. More info about remote browser isolation here.

Access Groups

  • Check that the access groups generated are correctly restricted to the users they should allow.
  • It's specially important to check that the default access group isn't very open (it's not allowing too many people) as by default anyone in that group is going to be able to access applications.
    • Note that it's possible to give access to EVERYONE and other very open policies that aren't recommended unless 100% necessary.

Service Auth

  • Check that all service tokens expires in 1 year or less



My Team



  • You could search for unexpected actions from users


  • Check the plan type
  • It's possible to see the credits card owner name, last 4 digits, expiration date and address
  • It's recommended to add a User Seat Expiration to remove users that doesn't really use this service
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