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For more info about WorkDocs check:

pageAWS - Directory Services / WorkDocs Enum


Create a user inside the Directory indicated, then you will have access to both WorkDocs and AD:

# Create user (created inside the AD)
aws workdocs create-user --username testingasd --given-name testingasd --surname testingasd --password <password> --email-address name@directory.domain --organization-id <directory-id>

workdocs:GetDocument, (workdocs:DescribeActivities)

The files might contain sensitive information, read them:

# Get what was created in the directory
aws workdocs describe-activities --organization-id <directory-id>

# Get what each user has created
aws workdocs describe-activities --user-id "S-1-5-21-377..."

# Get file (a url to access with the content will be retreived)
aws workdocs get-document --document-id <doc-id>


If you don't have access to read something, you can just grant it

# Add permission so anyway can see the file
aws workdocs add-resource-permissions --resource-id <id> --principals Id=anonymous,Type=ANONYMOUS,Role=VIEWER
## This will give an id, the file will be acesible in: https://<name><id>


You can make a user admin by setting it in the group ZOCALO_ADMIN. For that follow the instructions from

Login with that user in workdoc and access the admin panel in /workdocs/index.html#/admin

I didn't find any way to do this from the cli.

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