DO - Networking

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doctl compute domain list
doctl compute domain records list <domain>
# You can also create records

Reserverd IPs

doctl compute reserved-ip list
doctl compute reserved-ip-action unassign <ip>

Load Balancers

doctl compute load-balancer list
doctl compute load-balancer remove-droplets <id> --droplet-ids 12,33
doctl compute load-balancer add-forwarding-rules <id> --forwarding-rules entry_protocol:tcp,entry_port:3306,...


doctl vpcs list


By default droplets are created WITHOUT A FIREWALL (not like in oder clouds such as AWS or GCP). So if you want DO to protect the ports of the droplet (VM), you need to create it and attach it.
doctl compute firewall list
doctl compute firewall list-by-droplet <droplet-id>
doctl compute firewall remove-droplets <fw-id> --droplet-ids <droplet-id>
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