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AWS - Services

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Types of services

Container services

Services that fall under container services have the following characteristics:
  • The service itself runs on separate infrastructure instances, such as EC2.
  • AWS is responsible for managing the operating system and the platform.
  • A managed service is provided by AWS, which is typically the service itself for the actual application which are seen as containers.
  • As a user of these container services, you have a number of management and security responsibilities, including managing network access security, such as network access control list rules and any firewalls.
  • Also, platform-level identity and access management where it exists.
  • Examples of AWS container services include Relational Database Service, Elastic Mapreduce, and Elastic Beanstalk.

Abstract Services

  • These services are removed, abstracted, from the platform or management layer which cloud applications are built on.
  • The services are accessed via endpoints using AWS application programming interfaces, APIs.
  • The underlying infrastructure, operating system, and platform is managed by AWS.
  • The abstracted services provide a multi-tenancy platform on which the underlying infrastructure is shared.
  • Data is isolated via security mechanisms.
  • Abstract services have a strong integration with IAM, and examples of abstract services include S3, DynamoDB, Amazon Glacier, and SQS.

Services Enumeration

AWS offers hundreds of different services, here you can find how to enumerate some of them, and also post-exploitation, persistence and detection evasion tricks:
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