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AWS ElastiCache is a fully managed in-memory data store and cache service that provides high-performance, low-latency, and scalable solutions for applications. It supports two popular open-source in-memory engines: Redis and Memcached. ElastiCache simplifies the setup, management, and maintenance of these engines, allowing developers to offload time-consuming tasks such as provisioning, patching, monitoring, and backups.


# ElastiCache clusters
## Check the SecurityGroups to later check who can access
## In Redis clusters: Check AuthTokenEnabled to see if you need password
## In memcache clusters: You can find the URL to connect
aws elasticache describe-cache-clusters

# List all ElastiCache replication groups
## Find here the accesible URLs for Redis clusters
aws elasticache describe-replication-groups

#List all ElastiCache parameter groups
aws elasticache describe-cache-parameter-groups

#List all ElastiCache security groups
## If this gives an error it's because it's using SGs from EC2
aws elasticache describe-cache-security-groups

#List all ElastiCache subnet groups
aws elasticache describe-cache-subnet-groups

# Get snapshots
aws elasticache describe-snapshots

# Get users and groups
aws elasticache describe-user-groups
aws elasticache describe-users

# List ElastiCache events
aws elasticache describe-events

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