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Cloud Firestore, provided by Firebase and Google Cloud, is a database that is both scalable and flexible, catering to mobile, web, and server development needs. Its functionalities are akin to those of Firebase Realtime Database, ensuring data synchronization across client applications with realtime listeners. A significant feature of Cloud Firestore is its support for offline operations on mobile and web platforms, enhancing app responsiveness even in conditions of high network latency or absence of internet connection. Moreover, it is designed to integrate smoothly with other products from Firebase and Google Cloud, such as Cloud Functions.

gcloud firestore indexes composite list
gcloud firestore indexes composite describe <index>
gcloud firestore indexes fields list
gcloud firestore indexes fields describe <name>
gcloud firestore export gs://my-source-project-export/export-20190113_2109 --collection-ids='cameras','radios'
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