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Basic Information

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Batch Service is designed for running large-scale batch computing workloads, automating the management, scheduling, and execution of batch jobs across scalable cloud resources. This service simplifies operations and optimizes costs by allowing users to leverage preemptible VMs and integrates seamlessly with other GCP services for comprehensive batch processing workflows. It's ideal for data processing, financial modeling, and scientific simulations.

Service Account

Although (currently) it's not possible to select the SA that the batch job will be executed with, it'll use the compute SA (Editor permissions usually).


# List jobs
gcloud batch jobs list

# Get job info
gcloud batch jobs describe <job-name> --location <location>

# List tasks
gcloud batch tasks list --location <location> --job <job-name>

# Gte info of tasks executions
gcloud batch tasks describe projects/<proj-number>/locations/<location>/jobs/<job-name>/taskGroups/<group>/tasks/<num>

Privilege Escalation

GCP - Batch Privesc
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