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Basic Information

In Google Cloud Platform (GCP), API keys are a simple encrypted string that identifies an application without any principal. They are used to access Google Cloud APIs that do not require user context. This means they are often used in scenarios where the application is accessing its own data rather than user data.


You can apply restrictions to API keys for enhanced security. For example, you can restrict the key to be used only by certain IP addresses, webs, android apps, iOS apps, or restrict it to certain APIs or services within GCP.


It's possible to see the restriction of an API key (including GCP API endpoints restriction) using the verbs list or describe:

gcloud services api-keys list
gcloud services api-keys describe <key-uuid>
gcloud services api-keys list --show-deleted

It's possible to recover deleted keys before 30days passes, that's why you can list deleted keys.

Privilege Escalation & Post Exploitation

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Unauthenticated Enum

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