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Cloud SQL

For more information about Cloud SQL check:

Expose the database and whitelist your IP address

A database only accessible from an internal VPC can be exposed externally and your IP address can be whitelisted so you can access it. For more information check the technique in:

Create a new user / Update users password / Get password of a user

To connect to a database you just need access to the port exposed by the database and a username and password. With enough privileges you could create a new user or update an existing user password. Another option would be to brute force the password of an user by trying several password or by accessing the hashed password of the user inside the database (if possible) and cracking it. Remember that it's possible to list the users of a database using GCP API.

You can create/update users using GCP API or from inside the databae if you have enough permissions.

For more information check the technique in:

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